harmful habits!

Due to immense data bombardment in the 20th century, from emails, tweeter, or facebook we are led to some very harmful habits. Here, I will focus on the personal ones that comes to my mind. Please don’t hesitate to add to the list.

The first one is the habit of postponing things. It happens a lot (at least to me) that I had to open a page which seemed interesting to me, but I had to postpone it for later, since I was already busy reading something else 😀 . This gradually turns into habit of postponing things, and feel ok about it. IT IS NOT OK TO POSTPONE THINGS.

The second habit, which is also more common is the habit of gaining shallow information! We start to read many things, for which we have not much time to explore the validity or the regime of validity of the information we gained. Most of times, even we don’t have enough time to understand what we read about, thoroughly. This leads to start having a shallow understanding of stuff.

Additionally, I believe that reading is like food for brain, and thinking is like digesting. So, don’t eat whatever comes to your plate. Don’t eat too much per day, and always let sometime for digesting.

Wish you a very healthy brain.

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