10 commands for maintaining a happy relationship.

Here is a simple list of ten commands which could help in having a long and happy relationship. These are based on my personal understandings, hence, it is neither complete nor perfect.

1) Life constitutes of small things, so, appreciate small things that your partner does in your life.

2) Mistakes are part of our everybody lives. Mistakes happen not all because of our miscalculations. Most of mistakes happen due to something which is out of our control in one way or the other. Don’t behave such that your partner feels that it is her/his fault.

3) As much as planning is important for a enjoyable life, postponing joy is a poisson for having a happy relationship. Don’t postpone joyful moments with your partner to another moment.

4) Not everyday in life should be extraordinary. Just being alive is enough to celebrate end of each day, no matter how terrible the way it was. Cherish every night with a “technology-free” connection with your partner.

5) Encourage your partner but don’t push it. Respect your partner character, thoughts, ideas, and concerns. Of course a constructive feedback is always useful, however, it requires building some foundations, a good timing, and a suitable occasion.

6) Engage yourself with a two-body activity at least once week. This could be a cooking together, a walk together, or building something together.

7) Establish and maintain a life long mutual interest with your partner, something that both of you could contribute and share over a long period of time. A genuine interaction is a key to learn more about your partner as he/she evolves.

8) Embrace the difference between men and women; men and women express their feelings differently. They do not necessarily enjoy the same things, and many other differences which makes life more interesting.
9) Communication is a key to a successful life. Always communicate with your partner about good things and particularly bad things. However, remember that NOT every person and every gender communicate the same way. Choose some successful method of commentary compatible with your partner specifications. Note that nagging is the worst type of (verbal) communication.
10) Travel is a good way to explore yourselves as well as other places. It also creates a new environment to communicate more effectively about your future plans, likes, and dislikes. Try to travel to new places at least once a year.

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