Are we affected by Electromagnetic field around us?

A close friend of mine, Alireza, sent me a link to a recent documentary on the effect of electromagnetic field on human and other living bodies life. You can watch the movie here.

This is a great effort to show the recent and old studies on this issue. However, there is no interview with critics to hear both sides of stories. Here I would like to present my view on this as well, as following:

1) it is not hard to assume that we are synchronized with our environment, from visible senses such as colour, smells, etc, and of course non-visible senses such as magnetic field.

2) It is very bad habit of industrial world that they expose society to something before they make sure their mid or long term problems. For example, cigars, plastic, and most less-comntroversial of all asbestos!

3) It is very bad habit of people of industrial world to trust to what their governments say without inquiring enough evidences. However, all of us know that government does not fund many long term researches, including chronic health related problems. Particularly, if this is not straightforward to see it immediately.
4) To me, cancer is simple; some cells get irritated, and then get out of control biologically leading to cancer. So to speak, any constant modulation of a group cells would cause a cancer. So, it is very likely constant exposure to EMF would lead to severe health problems such as cancer!
However, strong statement in this movies about extinction of birds and bees and so on, does not seem very obvious to me. Since the same type of evidence are being used for global warming and so on.  Or even I do remember that while ago breast cancer was also was associated with increase exposure to plastic, etc.
I believe that we need to be cautious, and we need to be more critical what we use and what we eat.
Stay Well,

2 thoughts on “Are we affected by Electromagnetic field around us?

  1. I agree. both with the sentiment and with the substance of your post.
    The human body is an extremely complicated system. It’s not like an atom, that one can fully understand and be certain that there is nothing left to know. A prime example of our lack of understanding was provided when some doctors in US simply stopped Hormone Replacement Therapy for post-menopausal women. Out of a sudden, statistics showed that the occurrence of breast cancer dropped. This was not predicted before. HRT was thought to be safe.
    Another example is the plastic BPA, which has been shown to interfere with body’s indocrinal system. These examples show, we do not know or understand human body well enough to manipulate it to our heart’s contents.
    The long term, non-linear, non local effects of what we do to human body and by comparison to genome, the basic elements of life, are not in our control, nor do we understand them very well.

  2. Thanks for your article. I agree with all of your points and want to add some new points. One of the reasons that there is no solid conclusion on the effect of EM radiation on human body or any biological system is that according to many physicists and engineers, the energy level of these fields coming from cell phones and WiFi systems are not big enough to do anything inside the cells (lower or equal to thermal noise). But, it seems that there are many evidences showing that these fields (even low intensity) can affect positively or negatively the biological systems. There is no known mechanism (theoretically) that could explain how these weak fields can affect the biological systems. This is one of the main reasons behind why this subject is so controversial beside many evidences showing the effectiveness of these fields. To give you a good example, I invite you to read this article : .
    Here, the author tries to explain why he did not accept the negative effects from cell phones until he found some experimental evidences showing the positive effect of very low intensity EM fields on treating cancer (
    According to this article, if EM fields can have positive effects (without any know explanation) then why we are insisting on that they cannot affect negatively ?
    Another point that I want to add here, is that Cancer in not simple at all. If it was,then after spending billions of dollars during at least last 70 years, we had a solid explanation for that,( not even cure). There are many reasons for our unsuccessful results in our research about cancer. One of many, is our reductionistic and mechanistic view about biological systems in particular and universe in general. I know we do not have any other option (at least now), but these kind of problems show that there is a limit for using this approach in understanding our universe.

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