Are women and men equal?

I don’t know where this slogan comes from, to me it seems that it is a reminiscent of industrialization where human is viewed just as a workforce, as someone who should keep the industry wheel running, so they are equally unimportant. Needless to say, men and women are different in body and in the brain. Indeed, men and women share equal rights such as rights to live, to think, to study, etc, however, they are not equal!  Based on what I can see, there has been a lot of effort on equalization of men and women, instead of equalization of their rights. What do I mean? I mean women are more men-like, today. They even dress the same way!

The current activities of feminism, judging by the result, is actually moving toward anti-femenism. How so? One could argue that by just looking around, there are far more women working, doing sport, and running business out there than before. However, the main point is that, the current feminism’s state of mind that strongly suggest women taking part in the society, from politics to sport, is to be more like men. They go to the same school, learn the same course, wear the same clothes, get the same job. A particularly extreme example is the women sport, I am not aware of any particular sport during last years which was developed by women, as if there is no alternative for any of the activities out there except of those have been developed by men during last centuries.

In the course of history, when men were officially in the absolute power, they have done a lot of mistakes (known today), a feminist movement should not try to make all the same mistakes to prove that they are equal. My suggestion to women is to really find their interests, and abilities, and start to develop what is compatible with themselves. I believe if women start taking part in our society, many problems will be solved easily. For example, if women develop their own mathematics (unbiasedly) they could and would come up with a completely different math which could solve some of the current problems.

None of the things that are made by human-being is necessary to be the same as what they are now. They could easily be better (or at least different), and I hope that women start to believe in their rights for independent thinking and establish ideas and things that are originated deeply from their own feminine side.


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