The whole university should not take more than 6 years!

Today, the Nobel prize for chemistry was announced. The award went to the trio who contributed to simulate chemical interaction combining classical and quantum physics which well deserved. What drew my attention is that,  typically all nobel laureate finished their PhD before age of 24 (I don’t have exact statistics, I just looked up random laureates !) This makes sense. I have always believed that the whole undergraduate+graduate should not take more than 5-6 years (at most)!

I feel that the only reason, it takes around 10 years now is not because students are dumber, or they need to “learn” more! But, it is only because there is no position available outside! Actually, they are keeping students in the university just to free-up sometime for recently graduated to get a job. As you can see nowadays PhDs is supplemented by postdoc! Not to mention the fact that students are cheap labours for universities, and affiliated industries!
What do you think?