Every person is innocent but a suspect!

The most common legal right of a human being is the presumption of innocence, which means, one is considered to be innocent until proven guilty. I think, the interpretation of this principle is very tricky nowadays. There are several approaches and attitudes toward this principle for national and international securities. Previously, innocence of citizens was assumed, so no one had the right to collect personal and interpersonal information without the person’s permission.

However, the new approach, apparently, is that, everybody is innocent but a suspect! Hence, all the information should be gathered in order to prove the sin when it is necessary. Facebook, google, yahoo, and almost all other online and offline companies are basically carriers to transfer our information for marketing and, of course, other purposes. Thanks to Snowden we are well aware of other purposes of this stored information. Very soon there will be a time when everybody is living in a society with transparent walls (of course, transparent only to some people) and is analyzed by people who can see through them. Not long from now, the information of our living habits would be a tool in governments hands not only to control us but also to shape our behaviour, in the direction of their interests.
We are already living in the era of pre-determined paradigms such that we believe those paradigms are discovered by us, and we have no doubt about them. For example, the idea of success, patriotism, human rights, work, education, etc. In future, or maybe already, paradigms will be also shifted by the governors, while it is believed by the people of the society that they are responsible for making the shift (like “The Truman Show”). It is a simple strategy: people act based on their beliefs. By controlling and manipulating the belief system, one can control everything while giving a false impression that there is no control. I would call this new era: the era of ” adiabatic paradigm shift”.

2 thoughts on “Every person is innocent but a suspect!

  1. the only problem is misuse. it was revealed that NSA collects the internet habit of community leaders in order to use against them by creating or threatening to create scandals. Also diplomatic officials involved in delicate trade negotiations were spied on, one can only assume that the information gained in these activities could be and perhaps were used in order to give the American side an edge.
    So it’s not only for security. If it was solely to protect the public from harm to life and property, one could grudgingly accept it.

  2. Well, it is all depend how you define safety and to what extend you allow yourself to break others privacy for the sake (or under the name) of protection. It just reminds me of “minority report” movie. Basically there trying to record diary of every person, and use the diary when it is necessary. The concept of necessity itself is a term which has to be publicly defined.

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