Gender equality in Persian language.

I believe that language is the first intellectual creation of human being. Looking at different languages, there are several similarities and differences. One of those similarities between many languages such as English, French, and Arabic is that they are gender biased. It means that making a non gender biased statement is almost impossible. There are always some prefix or suffix to determine the nature of the “subject” or “object” as masculine or feminine.

In persian language you do not have this issue. There is almost no determinator of gender in the verbs, names or adjectives. So, each sentence is equally applicable to both males and females unless it is specified. I believe that this fact refers to the gender unbiasedness of ancient Persians. I do not have much studies in this field, however, I am planning to read more in this direction to understand better the issue of gender (in)equality in different languages. So, stay tune.

3 thoughts on “Gender equality in Persian language.

  1. I agree with your message, as I have noticed this, a long time ago.
    I would like to add that, the process of human cognition, i.e. merely the thinking seems to be intrinsically linked to language. I believe that richer languages allow for a richer and wider domain of human thoughts and ideas.

  2. on language in general and persian language in particular, I have had some posts, you can look at the category “language” to see them, here and the same posts are

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