Homemade LaTex package: Scientific diary!

Everyday, many of us spend a lot of time studying various subjects most of which in direction of our field of study, lab, or work. It is almost impossible to make a good use of whatever we read everyday without taking note systematically. This brings me to the title of my post. The question is, what is the best way to store and organize everyday note?

I have searched online for rather long time and these are the approximate solution that I have found so far:

  1. Microsoft Onenote and the free (cloud based) Evernote software
  2. There are also several packages or class in Latex:
  • labbook: is a customized latex class mostly intended for experimentalists
  • ouline: outline-style indented lists with freely mixed levels up to four levels deep.

I have also came across some of purchasable softwares such as circus pony, however, none of the above was useful for me. Here, I have developed my own package. I am using LaTex for a rather long time, however, I am very new to this package/class writing business. Hence, it is a very simple package.

Here what is in this package: this package provide new command called \nitem[tag][comment]{category name}{title} . The first two entries (tag and comment) are optional, and the second two (category name and title) are mandatory. For example, \nitem[physics, les houches lecture note][This is something important]{spin}{How to manipulate spin} has the following output:


The special point about this new command (\nitem) is that it classify items according to “category name”. For example, in the above example, spin is one of my categories that I am interested to list when I search later. Note that, YOU SHOULD DEFINE YOUR CATEGORY NAME AFTER \begin{document} BEFORE USING.  Here is the template code for defining new categeory name:


Just replace your desired keyword for X. In the case of the above example, I defined:


Here is the style package. Download this package and leave a copy in the directory of your .tex file. Then insert \usepackage{scidriary} in the preamble (before \begin{document}). Do not forgot to define your desired category names after \begin{document}.

This is a early version, and it is continuously changing. I will be grateful if you could help me with your comments on how to improve it. It seems that I can not upload sty file here, so please contact me in case you are interested in.

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