More on Latex in WordPress.

While ago, I wrote a post on how to use a simple latex command into the WordPress. Unfortunately, this method is very limited and you can’t certainly include complex latex codes into your blog this way. Particularly, writing colorful texts, with equations, and numbering is a nightmare in the WordPress, unless you start writing in HTML.

Today, I came across this wonderful post on how to convert latex into something useable in WordPress. There is this free software written in Python called Latex2wp, which converts latex to HTML. I would like to thank the person who wrote this program. I have complied the example file included in the package, and copy and paste the HTML code into the WordPress editor. It is a rather long text, but you can see the part of it below. To appreciate the important of this software, just try to write first two lines below yourself, left alone equation numbering, etc.

Look at the document source to see how to strike out text, how to use different colors, and how to link to URLs with snapshot preview and how to link to URLs without snapshot preview.

There is a command which is ignored by pdflatex and which defines where to cut the post in the version displayed on the main page

Anything between the conditional declarations ifblog . . . fi is ignored by LaTeX and processed by latex2wp. Anything between iftex . . . fi is processed by LaTex and ignored by latex2wp.

This green sentence appears only in WordPress

This is useful if one, in desperation, wants to put pure HTML commands in the ifblog . . . fi scope.

Lemma 1 (Main) Let {\cal F} be a total ramification of a compactifier, then

\displaystyle \forall g \in {\cal F}. g^2 = \eta \ \ \ \ \ (1)


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