Candy crush is a complete waste of time.

Somedays ago I felt that I need to stay away from my own daily routine for sometime so I started to play Candy Crush (CC) on my wife’s iphone. From the start I had a bad feeling about this game, since it does not satisfy any criteria of a game, at least from my perspective. However, it was a good time to put away my prejudgment and start to play the game. I started playing the level of 85 and I could win that level with the first or second try. Then the level of 86 stroke, which was a hard one. It took me almost a day to win that level, and then the next level, ie. 87, was an easy one.

As I felt from the beginning there is no hierarchy  in the levels, and it is also extremely boring. Levels are all look alike and it heavily depends on the initial condition. After playing 3-4 levels I could not see a single benefit and enjoyment this game might offer. It is a complete waste of time, your smartphone battery, and focus. I am surprised and disappointed to see many people willing to merely wast their time and energy for something like this. Sleeping is far more better practice than psuedo-games like CC in my opinion. I was hoping that people could use technology for something useful for the world and themselves instead of wasting away their time.

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