The very surprise of this year fields medal.

Let me begin this post by congratulating Maryam Mirzakhani for receiving the equivalent to Nobel Prize in Mathematics this year. I imagine that everybody has heard about the recent big achievement made by the Persian mathematician who is the first Iranian and also the first woman ever won the fields medal. I was going to send something earlier; however, I was trying to explain (or find an explanation) in layman terms what the award is for, which was not possible yet. I may post on that, later.

I, myself, got interested to mathematics in early years of high school and started reading different books on geometry, number theory, graph theory, and combinatorics. I was really enjoying solving problems of those books. It was when I first came across the name of Maryam Mirzakhani through a yellow book on number theory (if I remember correctly). Since then, I was sure that these mathematicians will flourish in future years.

As an Iranian individual working on mathematics and physics, I am very proud. I am also reminded of my dreams for which I left the country. It further reminds me how the societies and governments can be so cruel to people, particularly in academia, in stopping them from following  their dreams, particularly for international students. These days, not everyone has the luxury of following up on his/her own ideas; you can easily get busy with idiocy and unrelated daily issues, which is no good for anyone. Not to mention the outside pressure from funding agencies.

I am very proud that a Persian mathematician could break into the list of top mathematicians, and I have no doubt that in coming years, we will have more Iranian mathematicians in the list. Since, I believe, mathematics is still one pure field which rely less on technology and more on intuition which ancient nations such as Iran are full of it. Intuition is one treasure we have, and we should cherish.


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