machine to human or human to machine?

While ago, I read an article about simulating a 13 years old boy by computer which pass the Turing test. You can read about this here, if you have not yet read. Since then, I aimed to write something about this news which has been postponed until now. The argument by Alan Turing, the father of artificial intelligence, is as following; if a machine was indistinguishable from a human, then it was “thinking”. Ever since, there has been many failed efforts to make one of such machines.

Upon reading this news many people surprised that we became such technologically advanced to simulate a human. But there is also other side to this story, we could say we became such unintelligent that a machine can do whatever we do. However, I believe it is a little bit of both. For everybody who is living in the modern era, particularly in North America, it is easy to see how fast we are growing technology-wise. I should also mention that, although there has been several technological jumps, the gaps between the jumps were never filled. That’s why we have many gadgets and softwares each of which suffer serious problems and restriction. I believe, it is mainly because technology is not about providing service (anymore) than making money. Hence, the amount of hours one has to invest to perfect a device, or an app, or a software, does not worth the money.

Now, let me briefly mention what I mean that we became dumb recently.  Over the course of the last century we have more turned to become a man of repetition rather than a man of creation, invention, or exploration. Our educational system combined with our work environment have been designed in such a way to diminish the differences between us while strengthen our similarities (why? look here). If we look at our everyday life, we see that what we are doing, can also be performed by a machine, but for the moment we are less expensive than a machine. So to speak, we are converging to a machine life, where intelligence is replaced by algorithm and ideas are replaced by mere data. The bottom line is that from top to bottom of our daily life, our brain solely performs a given algorithm and controls our involuntarily movements.

One thought on “machine to human or human to machine?

  1. زیبا گفتی
    آفرین بر نظر پاک خطاپوشت باد!
    من اینجا باید این نکته را افزون بر آن چه که گفتی بیاورم که این کاستی ها همراه با نبود طرح های زنده و نو، ( مقایسه کن، طرح های دستگاه های نو و ساختمان های کنونی، با طرح هایی که ایرانیان برای همه چیز از کاشی کاری، و بناهای یادبود تا فرش ها تا خانه های شخصی تا حرم ها و مسجد ها) ویژه ساخته های انسان غربی بود، و چون خاورزمین جضور پررنگی در این عصر دستگاه های ساخت بشر نداشته ، ما نمی دانیم اگر این عصر با سرآمدی انسان خاوری آغاز شده بود، چه رنگ و بویی داشت.
    ما تنها یک نمونه و یک الگو داریم و آن یک الگو هم غربی است البته تا کنون.

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