Be the change that you wish to see in the world. Gandhi

I really like this quote by Gandhi. However, it is hard to really grasp what it means, practically.  Well, to be honest, it is hard to find people who are the examples for this statement. I think that Stephen Wolfram (SW) could be one good example. I have met him in person only once, but during these years, I have come across his name many times. In particular, because he is a particle physicist, also as I was exposed to Mathematica software, for scientific computations since my undergrad.

What is really interesting, regarding SW, is the fact that, he loudly speaks up his beliefs, he writes about them, and even further he invites other people to test his theories. He has spent almost 12 years to write his idea about Cellular Automata in his book entitled New Kind of Science (NKS). Despite many positive criticisms from the general audience, this book received lots of negative criticism by physicists such as Steven Weinberg, Freeman Dyson, etc. However, this did not stop him from organizing summer schools every year, and inviting people to learn more about NKS and do some projects over there.

I have heard rumors about his arrogance, however, what is important for me here is that he really stands by his ideas and he tries to bring them to reality. This, not only has made him a fortune, but also provided a framework for himself to interact with many brilliant people around the world. I believe that we need more intellects like him. Someone who generates ideas, revises his ideas and advertises them. I should emphasize, there are many ideas out there without any references or any notable points for humanity. We need ideas which are attached to some basic principles, and let others falsify it.

The reason that I started this post was to aspire to reach our deep interests. However, we should keep in mind, choosing a path toward achieving our goal is as important as the goal itself. We should ensure that we enjoy the path, otherwise, we may be bored, tired, or disappointed before achieving to our goals. To enjoy the path, I believe, we should stay tangent to public interest. Of course, there is always a gap between our dreams and public interest (otherwise change would be unnecessary). In short, our dreams should give us the sense of direction, and manifold of public interest determines the actual path.  For example, In the above mentioned example, to make fundamental changes in mathematics (or physics), one can detour by starting off a company in computation which is the focus of public interest during last three decades.



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