supporting Harvard teaching campaign.

Just recently, I became aware of this campaign:

It has been MANY years that I have been complaining about this issue. I wholeheartedly support this campaign, and I believe that we should go even further. We should ensure that BOTH students and teachers come to class prepared. In doing so, I strongly suggest that NOT only course summary should be available before the starting date of  every class, ALL the course materials should be studied before STARTING the class by all students who wish to attend the class. So, during the class ONLY student discuss issues and problems together under the instructor supervision. Of course, teacher should help to start the discussion, guide the discussions, and also elaborate on students understanding on course materials, in particular, in basic science courses.
It is no joke, we have inherited many life long efforts of geniuses during the human history. Now, it is our turn to PAY OUR DEBT to the world. The current class sizes, and the quality of teaching IS A SHAME to whole human thirst for knowledge.
I hope that you care enough to either oppose, or otherwise share this view with others.